My Year in Review — 2020


The month of January started on a high note, I got a potential project with a manufacturing company through a referral by my friend and was to build them a website. I was pretty hyped. But I had to travel back home for a meeting with one of the company top execs because she "likes meeting people she wants to work with face-to-face". Lol. If only she knew what the year had in store (*laughs in Zoom*).


While preparing for my internship, which was a requirement for my Bachelor’s degree, I had applied to several openings, informed those I thought could help with recommendations and even cold-emailed several companies. But none of them bore any fruit. So, as a last resort, I decided to hit the streets of Lagos. I made a list of companies I would love to intern at, including some I had already cold-emailed, and decided to go in person to "ask and apply" for internship openings. This was a week before the eventual lockdown in March.


My internship ended in November and I spent the first few weeks in December battling burnout. It also became apparent almost immediately after my internship that work had shielded/distracted me from focusing on how shitty the year had been and the many sad happenings it came with. Burying myself in work used to be my way of avoiding dealing with things like these, but here I was uncheerful, unmotivated and uninterested in anything. I was in low spirits for the most part of the month.


My friends had lots of wins and progress in their careers this year which I’m absolutely happy about and proud of them for. I want to continue to work to be a better friend and be there for them as they have always done for me. We’ll definitely be celebrating more wins together, that’s for sure. 🥂



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Ola Eleyinmi

Ola Eleyinmi

Software Developer | Lazy Hardworker | Retired Football Fanatic | Lover of Good Music